Cookbook Reviews

When I was young and just starting to learn how to cook, I always gravitated to cookbooks based on children’s books that I enjoyed.  The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, the American Girl cookbooks, The Secret Garden Cookbook and the Nancy Drew Cookbook were some of the first I ever read.

However, an attempt to recreate one of the recipes in the Nancy Drew cookbook led me to a shocking discovery.  The recipe said to add sugar, but there was no sugar listed in the ingredient list.

It was this discovery that inspired this blog.  A desire to warn people, especially children who have no cooking experience, of the bad recipes in these “children’s cookbooks”.

So, once a week, I will be reviewing one recipe from one of my cookbooks.  Join me in this adventure.


Note: This is a recipe review blog, not a cooking blog. I will not be reprinting any recipes here, though I may give cooking tips when applicable.


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