Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking

As my introductory post mentioned, this is the cookbook that inspired this blog.  As such, it is only fitting that I start my reviews with this one.

My intent is to make one recipe per week and determine whether or not it is good.  I intend to make every recipe in the cookbook.

About this cookbook.  There are two versions of the cookbook, one from 1977 and one from 2005.  I have the ’77 version, but my library has the ’05 version.  I went through each book and compared each recipe.  Most of the changes in the revised edition are insignificant, such as changing the word ‘mysterious’ to ‘exotic’.

The real difference between the cookbooks is the format.  The 70’s version looks like any other Nancy drew book, with a yellow spine and being about the same size as the mystery novels.  The ’05 version looks much more like a modern cookbook, with a red binder spine, and a blue plasticized cover.  The pages of the revised edition also felt much thinner to me.

While this book is based on the Nancy Drew series, the recipes are not actually from the books, or even for dishes Nancy ate in the books. The only connection the recipes have to Nancy is their name, either named for recurring characters, such as ‘Bess’ Secret Chocolate Waffles’ or named for books ‘Shadow Ranch Barbecued Beans’.

That said, there are several mini mysteries scattered around the book.  So even if the recipes don’t appeal to you, a collector of Nancy Drew books will surely want this in his or her library.

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