Chief McGinnis’s Waffles

About the Name: This recipe is named for the Police Chief of River Heights, Nancy’s hometown.  Fun fact about Chief McGinnis:  He doesn’t appear in the Nancy Drew series until Book 26: The Clue of the Leaning Chimney (1949).  Before this point, the police in the Nancy Drew series tended to be rather unhelpful or incompetent. In one book, Nancy and her father learn a child was kidnapped and go to the federal government rather than telling the local police about it.  Chief McGinnis was originally intended to counter this negative portrayal of the police, by being the nicest, most helpful guy on the force.  But as the years went on, the writers of the Nancy Drew series have returned to the idea that police are incompetent.  I don’t know if Chief McGinnis is in the newest Nancy Drew Diaries series, but as of the Girl Detective series he was unhelpful and a rival who disliked Nancy interfering in his cases … exactly the stereotype he was created to subvert.



About The Recipe:  This is a very good recipe for waffles.  The crowning jewel is in the “Nancy’s Notes” section, which contains an extra recipe for honey butter to use instead of syrup.


Taste:   This is the best recipe for waffles I have ever made.  They come out light and fluffy but also crispy and golden.  But what really makes it stand out is the delicious honey butter.

Ease of Preparation: This is a pretty easy recipe.  The hardest part is beating the egg whites until stiff, and even that isn’t very hard.

Clarity of instructions: The instructions are clear and give specific cooking times rather than just saying ‘until done’.  The only problem I noticed was that the ingredients were not listed in the order used, not a huge deal, just a minor inconvenience.

Presentation:  All my waffles came out crisp and golden.


Conclusions:  One of the best recipes in the Nancy Drew Cookbook, and the best waffles I have ever made.

Verdict:  10/10



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