99 Steps French Toast (Don’t worry, it’s only a 3 step recipe)

About the Name: This recipe is named for the Nancy Drew book #43 Mystery of the 99 Steps.  There is only one version of this book.  While it begins in America much of it takes place in France.


About The Recipe:  This is a very simple recipe for French toast.  The recipe contains more suggested toppings than ingredients for the main dish.

Taste:   I used a somewhat sweet bread, which made up for the fact that there are no sweeteners in this recipe, aside from the optional toppings.  Even though I burned mine a little, it still tasted fine.

Ease of Preparation: This is a pretty easy recipe.  The hardest thing is flipping the toast.  Despite the tablespoon of butter, my toast got stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Clarity of instructions:   The instructions say to melt the butter on low heat.  They do not say to turn up the heat after putting the toast in.  Otherwise, they are fine.

Presentation:  Not the prettiest meal, especially if burnt and stuck to the pan like mine.



Conclusions:  Decent in taste and somewhat easy, but nothing spectacular.

Verdict:  5/10


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