George’s “Keep in Shape” Grapefruit

About the Name:

This one is named for one of Nancy’s best friends, George Fayne.  George made her debut with Bess in the 1931 book, The Secret at Shadow Ranch.  The book specifically states that her first name is George, not Georgia, Georgina, or any feminine form of the name and that she is proud of it.

For some reason, more recent books have stated that her real name is Georgia.  Her wiki entry says this happened in the 80s books, but I only really noticed it in the 2004 Girl Detective Series.  Maybe it’s because each book felt the need for someone to call her Georgia to remind us that it’s her real name.

George has been very sporty since her entrance, though this was accompanied by clumsiness in early books..  More recent books make her a computer whiz.  Despite the additions, she does not lose her athleticism (except in The Secret of Willow Woods where she suddenly hates sports)  So a “Keep in shape” breakfast is probably perfect for her (There is no specific mention of grapefruit that I can remember in the books, but at least one states she dislikes squash.)



About The Recipe:

This is a fairly healthy recipe.  It’s basically grapefruit with sugar.

Taste:  Yucky..  Maybe it’s just me.  I’ve never had grapefruit before, so maybe I just don’t like it.  But I found the cinnamon to not mix very well with the fruit, creating a very bitter taste despite the sugar.

Ease of Preparation: Rather easy, though there was no explanation of how to ‘dot’ with butter.  Other than that, the only hard part was cutting the fruit.

Clarity of instructions: Easy to follow, except the word ‘dot’.  Also, the “Nancy says”  section suggests substituting honey for the cinnamon sugar but it fails to state how much honey to use.

Presentation: Very pretty. IMG_0347

Conclusions: If you like grapefruit, this may be the one for you.  Also, if you follow the alternate instructions and sprinkle with honey instead of sugar/cinnamon it might taste better.  It looks nice and is easy, but seeing as taste is the most important thing to a recipe, I really cannot recommend this.

Verdict:  3/10


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