Ski Jump Hot Chocolate

About the Name:


This is named for the 29th Nancy Drew book, The Mystery at the Ski Jump.  I don’t happen to remember if hot chocolate really was mentioned in the book, but since the mystery is set in winter at a ski jump in Canada, I find it likely that Nancy and friends did drink hot chocolate.  They have certainly had hot chocolate in other books.

Like other books, there are two versions, one from 1952 and one from 1968.  And like other books I’ve mentioned, I haven’t read them as recently as I should have.

A skim of the books revealed that they are very similar.  The revised version removes details, such as the color of Nancy’s coat, but keeps most of the text and action.  The fact that there are fewer changes makes sense, as this is one of the last books to be revised.  There are only seven years between when this book was written and when the revised editions started coming out.


About The Recipe:

This recipe called for instant coffee.  I don’t drink coffee.  Fortunately, the ‘Nancy Suggests’ area suggested swapping the coffee for molasses.  That is the version I’m reviewing.

There is a slight difference between the old cookbook and the revised one.  The old cook book puts this recipe in the breakfast section.  The revised cookbook puts it in a new ‘drinks’ section.

Taste:  Very good at the beginning but as I drank it  I found a gritty, unpleasant texture at the bottom of the cup.

Ease of Preparation: Easy.  Getting the chocolate mixture to boil is the hardest part,

Clarity of instructions: Fairly clear, but like many other recipes in this cookbook it fails to say when you can stop whipping the cream, or whether or not to stir constantly.

Presentation: Nice.  My cup in the picture is a little messy, but that’s because I forgot to take a picture on my first taste.  This is my second cup.IMG_0390

Conclusions: On first taste, I thought I liked this.  But then when I got to the bottom of the cup, I was met with a bitter taste.  I don’t know if this is my fault for not melting the chocolate enough, or not heating the milk enough, or if this is what the hot chocolate is supposed to taste like.  If it’s my fault, then the cookbook needed clearer instructions.  And if it’s the way the hot chocolate is supposed to taste, then it’s a bad recipe.

Verdict:  4/10


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