Nancy’s Scrambler

About the Name:

This is named after the main character, Nancy Drew.  When the book series started, Nancy was 16.  When the books were revised, she was aged up to 18, and has remained 18 for most of the series, not counting a few trips into 8 year old Nancy with the Clue Crew and the Nancy Drew Notebooks series, or a brief stint of college age Nancy in Nancy Drew on Campus.  Personally, my timeline of Nancy’s age would be:  Clue Crew (age 8), Notebooks (Age 8), the Original Nancy Drew Mystery Series (Age 16), Girl Detective (Age 18, but Nancy acts more like a teenager), the Revised ‘yellow back’ Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and Nancy Drew Digests (Age 18), The Nancy Drew Files and Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Super Mysteries (Age 18, but with a greater focus on romance), Nancy Drew on Campus (Age 18, but in college).  There are a few other Nancy Drew series, such as the ‘Be a Detective Series’ and Ghost Stories, but they are clearly the same character as the yellow back series.

Nancy’s character has also slightly changed across the book series.  In early books, Nancy did everything alone, but tended to have more self doubt.  Later books paired her with Bess and George, giving them the self doubt, leaving Nancy to calmly solve the crimes.

Her actual detective ability varied from book to book.  Some books she really steps it up and follows suspects around finding clues.  And in other books she finds one or two clues and spends the rest of the book being chased around by criminals who are certain she’s figured it out when she clearly has no clue.


About The Recipe:

This is for scrambled eggs, but it comes across a bit like a ‘skillet’ you might find at a restaurant.

Taste:  It’s one of the better recipes, the hot sauce and worcestershire sauce add just enough to keep it from being bland

Ease of Preparation: This was easy.  There’s hardly any prep.

Clarity of instructions: Fairly easy.  I had trouble determining when to add the eggs to the mushrooms, but settled on when I heard a sizzle.  It seemed to work.  The only trouble I found was the size of the mushroom can.  The recipe calls for a four ounce can of mushrooms, it didn’t state if that was the drained weight or not.

Presentation:  Somewhat nice.


Conclusions: One of the better breakfast items.  In the future I might add cheese or green pepper, and maybe potatoes to make it truly a restaurant quality skillet.

Verdict:  9/10


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