Golden Pavilion Pineapple Ham

About the Name:

This is named after the 36th Nancy Drew Book: The Secret of the Golden Pavilion. The book is set in Hawaii and came out in the same year Hawaii became a state, 1959.

I’ve never been to Hawaii so I can’t say if the book is accurate in its portrayal.  Amazon book reviews seem to indicate that it only makes a few slipups with geography.

In the book, Nancy and friends have to travel to Hawaii to help solve a mystery involving strangers who claim to be related to the heir to an estate.

There is only one version of this book, and in it Nancy and company do indeed eat brunch, though it is not stated what they eat.


About The Recipe:

This recipe is filed under brunch in the cookbook, but I’ve often made it for lunch or dinner. There is a slight difference between the 1973 version of the cookbook and the 2005 version.  The old version calls a variation ‘mysterious.’  The new one calls it ‘Spicy’.

Taste:  One of the best recipes in the book.  Very sweet, and a little salty.  I did not follow the ‘Nancy Suggests’ suggestion’s advice to add horseradish mustard.

Ease of Preparation: Easy.  You’re basically just heating up ham in a frying pan.

Clarity of instructions: The instructions are a little lacking about temperature, and when to put the ham in, but since my ham steak came fully cooked this wasn’t much of an issue.

Presentation:  So nice it made the cover of my copy of the cookbook.IMG_0406


Conclusions: It’s no wonder they put this one on the cover.  It’s one of the best recipes in the cookbook.  I’ve made it before and I will make it again.

Verdict:  10/10


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