River Heights Fish Dish

About the Name:

This is named after Nancy’s hometown, River Heights.  There is a River Heights in Utah, though this is unlikely to be the River Heights Nancy comes from.  In the early books Nancy could take a train to New York or Chicago on a night train.  It also took her a few days to get to Arizona.  Later books put River Heights closer to Chicago, to the point where it only takes Nancy a few hours to get there (although she still books a hotel).


About The Recipe:

Like most of the other brunch recipes in this book, I made this for dinner.  It’s pretty much just fish.


This tastes fine.  I couldn’t really taste the lemon, but I don’t like fish, so I might just be a little biased

Ease of Preparation: 

This was easy.  Put fish in pan, sprinkle with seasonings, cook.  The only problem I had was that my almonds burned, so two minutes might be a little long.

Clarity of instructions:

Clear, except my broiler has a hi/lo setting that wasn’t mentioned in  cookbook.


Looks nice



This is a good recipie, for people who like fish.

Verdict:  8/10


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