Hannah’s Cheese Puffs

About the Name:


This recipe is named after Nancy’s housekeeper, Hannah Gruen.  Hannah has been a part of Nancy’s household since Book 1, however her relationship to Nancy has changed over the years.

In the early books, Hannah is much more a servant, described as an elderly maid of all work. Nancy is calling the shots.   While Nancy and Hannah like and assist each other, there is quite a bit of deference and whenever Hannah gets injured or called away by a sick relative, Nancy tends to focus more on who’s going to help with the housework than show compassion for Hannah or her relatives.

I get the feeling that more people had servants in the 30’s, so as it became ‘weird’ for Nancy to have one, Hannah turned into a mother figure for Nancy.  She’s still the Drew housekeeper, but instead of being taken on by Nancy to manage the housework, she was taken on by Mr. Drew after Nancy’s mother died.

Hannah has remained consistently as Nancy’s mother figure (aside from one book in the Girl Detective series where she started to call her Mrs. Gruen for some reason.)


About The Recipe:

This tasted somewhat like a combination of French Toast and Grilled Cheese.  But it’s baked.


Tasted pretty good.  Nothing spectacular.  But I won’t turn down seconds.

Ease of Preparation: 

This was as easy as making sandwiches.

Clarity of instructions:

I had no trouble following the instructions.  The only problem I faced was pan size.  You’re supposed to make four sandwiches in a baking dish.  I had only baking dishes that were either too small or too large.  I used the bigger dish and the liquid spread out on the bottom, making one part of the puff soggy while the other was toasted

Presentation: IMG_0425[1]


Not the best, but pretty quick and easy.  Definitely one that can be made ahead for a busy morning.   I’ll probably make it again at some point (though I’ll be sure to change either my pan size or bread size).

Verdict:  8/10


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