Red Gate Farm Tomatoes

About the Name:

Named after the 6th Nancy Drew book, the Secret of Red Gate Farm.

In the book, Nancy and her friends run into a girl seeking work in River Heights.  Nancy befriends her and when the girl cannot find work (due to taking place in 1931), Nancy and her friends decide to help her turn her farm into a boarding house.  While there, Nancy discovers what is called a Nature Cult (with costumes that resemble the KKK)  and investigates.

The book features a bit of racism, though it’s not too overt, and some mentions of sexism, though they are not condoned by the text of the book.

Most revised editions get rid of the racism.  But this revised book opens with the line, “That oriental-looking clerk”.  The sexism is also still present.  One thing that has changed: the price of the perfume Bess buys in the first chapter.  In 1931, the girls balked at the hefty price of $3 a bottle.  By 1961, they were mildly annoyed at the price of $20.  Other changes include renaming Nancy’s friend from Millie to Joanne and giving a side character a larger part.

While there are two versions of the book, there is only one recipe.  The revised cookbook cuts this recipe out completely.

About The Recipe:

I have no idea what this recipe is going for.  I’ve never had hot tomatoes as a standalone dish before, and certainly never for brunch.


This is awful.  The flavors don’t blend together at all.  Maybe it would be better if after cooking it was cut up and served with pasta or something. But I didn’t like the taste enough to even try that.

Ease of Preparation: 

Easy.  You put ingredients on the top of a half a tomato and pop it in the oven.

Clarity of instructions:

Not too difficult, but I dislike imprecise measurements, and this recipe gives no amounts.


No picture today.  I made these quite a while ago, before I decided to start this blog.  They were so horrible that I couldn’t bring myself to waste the ingredients making them again. As for what they looked like, it was like a tomato dipped in breadcrumbs.  Nothing special.


This is one of the worst recipes in the cookbook.  I suppose it’s not hard, but the taste is just awful.  I’m not surprised that the recipe was missing from the Revised cookbook.  I certainly am never making this again.

Verdict:  1/10


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