Captive Biscuits

About the Name:


I’m not sure if this recipe is referencing a book or not.  The first book that jumps to mind is the Captive Witness, #64, but most of the other recipes in this cookbook reference the first 56 books, long considered ‘the’ Nancy Drew books.  The majority of people I meet who think they’ve read all the Nancy Drew books usually mean just the first 56 (And they don’t usually know that the first 34 were rewritten).

Since no other Nancy Drew book has Captive in the title, it must either be referencing that book, or just named after the fact that most books feature Nancy either rescuing a captive, or being one at some point.

About The Recipe:

I’ve never had cream cheese biscuits before, but they sounded like a good idea.


I expected these to be better than they were.  The texture came out a little floury and not as sweet as I imagined from the cream cheese and butter.  Maybe I should add some honey if I make them again?

Ease of Preparation: 

One of the easiest recipes in the cookbook.  All you do is mix the ingredients together.

Clarity of instructions:

They seemed clear to me, but my biscuits weren’t browned in the amount of time stated in the recipes.  Since ovens vary I suppose I can’t blame the cook book for that, though.


I could have probably shaped them better if I tried.



This sounds like a good recipe, and it is.  Not great.  But not terrible.  I might actually make these again.  But for some reason, this recipe was not included in the rewritten version of the cookbook.  It’s too bad.  With a few alterations (like maybe adding honey)  I bet this could be an awesome recipe.

Verdict:  7/10


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