Lilac Inn Consomme

About the Name:


This is named for the 4th Nancy Drew book: Mystery at Lilac Inn.  There are two versions of this book.

In the first version, written in 1930, Nancy stops for chicken dinner at Lilac inn.  Since this book was written in the Great Depression and this recipe has simple ingredients, I imagine that it could have been served at the Inn as well.  The rest of the plot involves Nancy investigating jewels stolen by patrons of the restaurant

The second version of the book, written in 1961 and bears almost no resemblance to the first version, as this book is about someone impersonating Nancy and there’s a ghost.  Still, jewels are stolen at a location called Lilac Inn.

About The Recipe:

This is the first recipe in the lunch section and it is awful.  I made this ages ago, and it was so awful, I actually stopped cooking for a while.  Not only is it hard and the instructions are weird, but it didn’t even taste good after all that work.  .


At best it was bland.  The texture is mushy and the flavors didn’t blend together.  I followed Nancy’s advice to add cheese, but I did not find that to improve the taste.

Ease of Preparation: 

Not easy.  It wants all the ingredients ‘shredded’.  Even the onion.  It took me at least an hour to make this.

Clarity of instructions:

Not confusing, but weird.  I’ve never seen any recipe that wanted ‘shredded onion’.  I feel like that was a mistake.  It probably should have said minced or chopped.


I did not make it again for this review, as it was so horrible I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but it looked like brown mush with orange goo on top.



This is a fairly healthy recipe, but that is its only virtue.  It doesn’t look nice.  It doesn’t taste nice, and it’s hard.  I would not recommend anyone make this,.

Verdict:  1/10


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