Detective Burgers

About the Name:


This recipe is named after Nancy Drew’s occupation.

About The Recipe:

The recipe title is wrong.  These are not hamburgers, but sloppy joes.


These taste okay, but I found them a little dry.  I added more ketchup to my second serving while my taste tester added more mustard.  It improved the texture, but I still think I prefer other sloppy joe recipes, (The dryness might be my error.  I decided halfway through to make fries with these, so I let it simmer a few minutes longer than the recipe indicated)

Ease of Preparation: 

Not too hard.  My attempt was made a little more difficult because my meat froze, but that was my refrigerator’s fault, not the recipe’s.

Clarity of instructions:

The recipe doesn’t say to stir the meat as you brown it.  I have seen sloppy joes being made before, so I knew I should (Also, my meat froze, so I had to keep moving it around to thaw it.)


They don’t look bad, but there’s nothing really special about them.



This wasn’t the worst recipe.  I might make it again, but I would be more likely to add more ketchup, or just go with a sloppy joe recipe that is more liquidy.

Verdict:  7/10


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