Old Album Meatballs

About the Name:

First thing to note, the revised edition of the recipe changes the name from Old Album Meatballs to Red Gate Farm Meatballs.  Since I already wrote about The Secret of Red Gate Farm, I’ll talk about The Clue in the Old Album here.

The Clue in the Old Album is the 24th book in the Nancy Drew series.  Like other books, there are two versions, one from 1947 and one from 1977.  In both books, Nancy investigates Gypsies in order to help an elderly woman and her grand-daughter find a missing doll, however, the 1947 book features a subplot about the first Yacht Club race open to girls.

At one point, Nancy visits a violinist who takes them out to a Hungarian restaurant.  I don’t know anything about Hungarian food, but maybe they have meatballs similar to the ones in this recipe.

About The Recipe:

This is a pretty simple recipe for meatballs in tomato sauce.  I served mine with spaghetti


The taste was fine, but the texture was weird.  The rice mixed into the meatballs didn’t cook completely, resulting in hardish grains in every bite.  At least the meat cooked well.

Ease of Preparation: 

Not very hard, if you’re okay with handling raw meat.

Clarity of instructions:

There are a few places where the ingredient list doesn’t quite mesh with the recipe.  It’s nothing that actually cause problems, it’s just weird.  Like the ingredient list calls for 1 tablespoon onion, but the recipe says to chop a small onion and then measure one tablespoon. Technically this means the same thing, it’s just weird that they don’t match.  Also the ingredients aren’t listed in the order the recipe wants you to combine them in.

Presentation: IMG_0478[1]


This isn’t the worst, they tasted okay and looked okay.  But only ‘okay’.  I’ll probably never make this again.  I have better meatball recipes.

Verdict:  5/10


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