Togo Dogs

About the Name:

This is named for Nancy’s dog, Togo.  Togo first appears in the 14th Nancy Drew book, The Whispering Statue (1937). In his first appearance, he is a bull terrier and Hannah Gruen, Nancy’s housekeeper, protests that she doesn’t want to take care of him while Nancy is on vacation.  During the next ten books, Nancy goes on vacation multiple times without mentioning she has a dog.

In Togo’s next appearance, Nancy Drew 25 The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (1948), Togo has become a Fox Terrier.


About The Recipe:

These are corn dogs, and they are good.  I’ve never made Corn dogs before, though I eat frozen ones all the time.


These taste great.  Mine were a little less bready than the store-bought kind, but still very good.  Once or twice I got a bite that had a little too much onion, but it didn’t ruin them.

Ease of Preparation: 

I happen to have a deep fryer, so the frying step was easy for me.  What was not easy was coating the franks in the batter.  I don’t know about other corn dog batters, but this one was very thick, and it kept sliding off the corn dog and leaving gaps.

I also had difficulty finding self-rising corn meal.  Google says it exists, but none of the stores around me had it.  Luckily, finding a recipe for self rising corn meal online was easy.

Clarity of instructions:

The instructions are fairly clear, but I find it odd that the recipe calls for a pound of franks (about 10)  instead of just saying 10.  It gives you an exact number of sticks, so why not an exact number of franks?  Otherwise the instructions are clear, as long as you know what fried food should look like.

Presentation: IMG_0498[1]


This is a good recipe.  Maybe there are better ones out there, but unlike waffles and burgers, they don’t appear in most cookbooks, so I’m glad this one is pretty tasty.

Verdict:  8/10


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