Tolling Bell Tuna Rolls

About the Name:

This is named for the 23rd Nancy Drew book, The Mystery of the Tolling Bell.  While there are two versions of the book, they are largely the same, with Nancy visiting a seaside town.  In the 1940’s book some of the food mentioned are: french fried clams, puffed shrimp and lobster cheese and tomato sandwiches, along with some of the side dishes she had with them, including tomatoes, cabbage salad, potatoes, hot biscuits, lemonade and apple pie at one meal and mixed green salad with minced ham and clam dressing and a Dandee Tart filled with hot fish pudding topped with salmon colored meringue.  Never is tuna mentioned in this book.

The rewritten version of the book takes away Bess’s hesitance to try seafood, and changes the foods to lobster, coleslaw, potatoes, hot biscuits, lemonade, apple pie and the Dandee tart.

About The Recipe:

This is such a good recipe, it makes me wish Tolling Bell Tuna Rolls were served in one of the restaurants in this book.  I’ve made this dozens of times before and it is my favorite tuna salad recipe.



This tastes great.  The only thing I don’t like is the American cheese, but I suspect the author chose it because it melts into the other ingredients very well.  Once the tuna rolls are broiled, the other ingredients balance out the melted American cheese very nicely.

Ease of Preparation: 

This is very easy to prepare.  Hard boiling the eggs is probably the most difficult part.  And I couldn’t find a wedge of American Cheese, I had to buy slices.

Clarity of instructions:

Mostly clear, but I’ve seen better instructions of how to make hardboiled eggs.




This is one of the best recipes I’ve found in this cookbook.  It’s one of the reasons I decided to check every recipe in this book, rather than writing the whole thing off as terrible when I once tried three of the bad ones in a row.  This recipe makes the whole cookbook worth it.

Verdict:  10/10


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