Keene Soup

About the Name:

This is named after the author of the Nancy Drew books, Carolyn Keene.  Many people have written the Nancy Drew books, but all have done so under the name of Carolyn Keene.

*Edit:  I forgot to mention when I first posted this that this recipe only appears in the old version of the cookbook

About The Recipe:

This is peanut butter soup.  Though it’s officially a soup, my taste tester suggested that it might make a substitute for hot chocolate.


This recipe suggests adding either Celery salt or Cinnamon.  I made it both ways and the cinnamon one is better.

Ease of Preparation: 


Clarity of instructions:

This is easy to follow, but the recipe really should mention that you should use smooth peanut butter, not chunky.





My taste tester liked this more than I did, but I attribute that to the fact that I’m not overly fond of Peanut butter.  Since it has both milk and peanut butter it’s very nutritious.

Verdict: 7 /10


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