Muskoka Salmon Salad

About the Name:

This is named after the river that runs through River Heights, the Muskoka River.  It is mentioned in several books and appears to be a rather large river.  In one book Nancy takes a ferry to cross the river, in other books bridges are mentioned.  In some books, Nancy takes sailboats or yachts and motorboats out on the river.

The Clue in the Crumbling Wall reveals some of the sea life in the river, including  oysters for dinner, mussels and minnows, and clams (including the washboard clams)  which were used to make buttons.

About The Recipe:

This is basically fish on lettuce with a homemade tartar sauce on top of it.


It tastes fine, but I think if I make it again I would mix the salmon with sauce in the first place, rather than putting it on top of the fish.

Ease of Preparation: 

Very easy.  It took me about ten minutes to mix everything together and serve it.

Clarity of instructions:

It’s easy to follow, but like a few other recipes in this book, the ingredients are listed in a different order in the list than the recipe says to mix them in.  It doesn’t make too much difference, it’s just weird.




This is a nice summer dish.  I don’t eat fish very often, and when I do I gravitate towards tuna, but if I ever decide to add more fish to my diet, this makes a good start.

Verdict: 7 /10


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