Burt’s Pizza

About the Name:

This is named for Burt Eddleton. In the earlier books, Ned would often bring friends with him when visiting River Heights so that Bess and George would have dates.  This is the boyfriend that stuck for George Fayne.

He made his debut in the 21st book, Clue in the Jewel Box, as just one of a group of friends going out to dinner.  Over the next six books George had different escorts, until Burt returned in Book 27, The Secret of the Wooden Lady, and this time he stuck.  When the earlier books were revised, George’s proto-boyfriends were replaced by Burt.

Unlike Ned, however, Burt did not survive the transition from Yellow Back Nancy Drews, to the Digests.  But he did get to make an appearance in the Nancy Drew computer game: Sea of Darkness.

About The Recipe:

English muffin pizzas are a great way to get the pizza taste without the work of making a pizza.


I prefer real crust and pizza sauce to English Muffins and tomato sauce.  I have better recipes for pizza sauce,  but it’s not awful.

Ease of Preparation: 

Very easy, you don’t even need to measure.

Clarity of instructions:

I’m not a huge fan of non-specific measurements.  I can image a kid somewhere dumping a whole bottle of oregano on these, but overall it’s pretty clear.




This is a decent recipie.  Overall, I prefer real pizza, but this is a nice substitute.  The recipe specifies olives or mushrooms as toppings, but I don’t see why you’d be limited to those.  This might be a good way to test out a topping you’re unsure of without wasting a whole pizza.

Verdict: 7/10

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