Hannah’s Souffle

About the Name:

This is named for Hannah Gruen, I haven’t learned anything else about her since the last recipe named after her.  The only thing I can think of to mention is that she is often stylized as “Mrs. Gruen”  But there is no mention of a Mr. Gruen.  This might actually be a holdover from the victorian era.  In the past, women who were in charge of the household, such as the head cook, were given a title of honor, such as “Mrs.” regardless of their actual marital status.

About The Recipe:

This is a cheese souffle.


It tastes good, like a very fluffy omelet.

Ease of Preparation: 

Fairly easy, but it calls for ‘grated’ cheese.  I used shredded and it didn’t mix in as well.  Also, I left it in the oven 15 more minutes than the instructions said, and it still felt a little under done.

Clarity of instructions:

From reading the text, it appears to be easy, but I feel like it could have used more instruction on the cooking time or advice about how the cheese should mix in.




Not the worst, but unless you are good at making souffles, save yourself the cooking time and just make a cheese omelet.

Verdict: 4/10


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