Bungalow Mystery Salad

About the Name:

This is named for the third Nancy Drew book, The Bungalow Mystery.  There are two versions of the book.  they are largely similar, the rewritten versions cuts out more of the “Nancy having fun at camp” plot and adds more things for Nancy to do at home, such as planning a wedding and helping Hannah around the house.

About The Recipe:

I know my grandmother calls a serving of fruit a salad.  I suppose going by that definition this is a frozen fruit salad.  I do not call fruit a salad, however.  I call this a fruit popsicle.


It was a little bit sour, but that might have been because my bananas weren’t ripe enough.  Maybe taste it before freezing and add some sugar to your liking.

Ease of Preparation: 

It’s pretty easy to prepare, but somewhat hard to eat.

Clarity of instructions:

The instructions aren’t hard to follow, but the recipe should have said to stick a popsicle stick in the unfrozen  liquid or something.  that would have made it infinitely easier to eat.


I forgot to take a picture.  it looked like lumpy frozen orange juice.  I’m not sure why the recipe calls for freezing it in muffin cups.  it doesn’t add much to the appearance, and I don’t see a practical reason for it.



This is a pretty good homemade popsicle, if a little sour.  It’s also somewhat healthy.

Verdict: 7/10

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