Hidden Staircase Biscuits

About the Name:

This is named for the second Nancy Drew book, The Hidden Staircase.  As one of the earliest books, it is one of the most racist.  I’ve heard that the villain of the book is Jewish.  It never says it in the text and I am unfamiliar with whatever stereotypes people used to draw this conclusion.  The other villain of the book is not so lucky.  It is perhaps the largest role of an African American of all the ‘original text’ books, and it painful to read the phonetically spelled dialogue and read descriptions calling her various outdated terms.

The revised version of the book removes the racism, adds some subplots to make the book more dangerous, and makes Nancy a bit weaker by having her wait for help instead of taking charge.

In either version of the book, Nancy is staying in a Haunted Mansion with two older ladies.  They might have served this to their guest.

About The Recipe:

This recipe turns ordinary biscuits into a dessert


Very good and sweet.  The sugar will crystalize if you don’t eat them fast enough, making the top part hard and crunchy, but it still tastes fine

Ease of Preparation: 

One of the easiest to prepare.  it’s as simple as sticking a sugar cube in premade dough.  The hardest part is melting the butter on the stovetop.  I’m guessing that if microwaves had been common place when the cookbook was written, they would just say to “Melt the butter”  instead of specifying to use a stove.

Clarity of instructions:

This is one of the clearest recipes in the cookbook.  If anything, I think it gives more instruction than it needs to.  See above.

Presentation: IMG_0570[1]


Delicious, hard to mess up, and somewhat pretty, these biscuits are a winner.

Verdict: 9/10

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