Bess’s Secret Chocolate Waffles

About the Name:

This is named after Bess Marvin, one of Nancy Drew’s best friends.  Blonde, blue eyed Bess is the feminine one.  She pays more attention to fashion and flirting than her friends.  Bess is typically the most timid of the trio, hesitating to join her friends in adventure, but she never turns her back when they need her.

Bess is also usually depicted as the fat one.  In the original books, this was somewhat of a complement.  The very first book actually treats the word ‘thin’ like it’s an insult.  But as time went by and chubbyness fell out of fashion, it was regulated to being a character flaw, often having her friends mock her for taking seconds or having a fattening dessert.  Such as this one.


About The Recipe:

This says it’s for chocolate waffles, but I feel like this is a brownie batter being baked in a waffle iron.  The 1970’s cookbook puts this as lunch, the 2000’s version puts it in breakfast.  I call it desert.


It tastes like brownies.  But be sure to serve them warm, mine hardened pretty fast.

Ease of Preparation: 

Making the batter was easy, but it kept breaking apart when I tried to take it out of the waffle iron.  With each batch I left it in a little longer, but it still felt like it was going to break up when I tried to lift them out.

Clarity of instructions:

The recipe says they are done when brown.  Here’s a note to whoever wrote this:  Chocolate Waffles are brown whether they are done or not.  What the cook meant was toasted.  But it was very difficult to tell.  The other waffle recipe in this cookbook is much better, giving a specific time.

Presentation: IMG_0586[1]

Conclusions: .

This is a decent dessert, but it could stand some improvement.  I think if I ever make it again I’m going to put the batter in the oven and cook them like brownies.  Maybe that will help, as most of my problems with this one are on a technical level.  They taste and look fine.

Verdict:  8/10


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