Phantom Eggs (Now you see them, Now you don’t)

About the Name: I’ll be honest.  I’m not entirely certain where this name comes from.  I think it comes from the 42nd Nancy Drew book, The Phantom of Pine Hill.  Because of the four Nancy Drew books with the word Phantom in their titles, that was the only book released at the time the cookbook was… Continue reading Phantom Eggs (Now you see them, Now you don’t)

George’s “Keep in Shape” Grapefruit

About the Name: This one is named for one of Nancy’s best friends, George Fayne.  George made her debut with Bess in the 1931 book, The Secret at Shadow Ranch.  The book specifically states that her first name is George, not Georgia, Georgina, or any feminine form of the name and that she is proud of… Continue reading George’s “Keep in Shape” Grapefruit